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Welcome to Summer Hill Kids!

In February 2016, I decided to go it alone and started Summer Hill Kids. We operate as a direct customer contact business, catering to the early years educational centres, preschools, and kindergartens.  

Researching resources has been both fun and extremely time consuming. There were times where I felt I didn’t have the knowledge and expertise. Despite the fact I had been in the industry for 13 years. I struggled choosing what an educator would enjoy or feel would be a useful resource in their class or group situation. I spent a lot of time with educators, displaying our resources and gaining further insight into their needs. This knowledge of the products, what they liked, what they didn’t and items they would like to see, gave me a great basis for the future. I can now say I am building the range with confidence. 

As a small local business offering alternate resources many directors and educators were interested in Summer Hill Kids. However, were unable to spend the time to have a face to face appointment. The Educators were also interested in purchasing products for themselves, as gifts for family and friends. That’s when I realised a web presence was essential. 

Building an e-commerce store was always going to be a huge challenge. Research on top of research, high level computer skills, photography, design and finding the right people with the skills and desire to help me make this work. I attempted to do it on my own, I made some great choices and some not so great... Learnt enough computer skills to amaze myself, dusted off the camera and gave it a go. Then comes the time when you realise you need to hand over to experts and I was happily recommended to my graphic designer, Serrin. With Serrin on board things have moved quickly, we have a very happy working relationship via email! (I’m so old school) I hope there will be a face to face champagne date soon. 

Now here we are getting ready to launch, after many months. I’m a little nervous, a tad tired but most of all excited. It’s been enlightening, educational, inspiring, challenging and so much fun. So on to the future, nurturing and building the business, finding new and amazing resources for the educators and the children. Would I do it all again? YES!


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