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Emotions - I AM ME - CARDS


What are I AM ME affirmation cards?

‘I AM ME’ affirmation cards for children are a pack of forty-four cards focused around constructive thoughts that children can repeat as often as they wish to encourage positive thinking.

In a time where social media, bullying and self-esteem issues are so prevalent, ‘I AM ME’ is a fun way of dealing with what’s going on in our children’s lives. What resonates with them one week may change the next, finding new meaning each time they explore the cards.

The cards are A5 in size and double-sided, featuring beautiful illustrations with affirmations which help maintain a healthy frame of mind. Themes focus around dealing with bullying, improving self-esteem, body confidence and health and wellbeing.

‘I AM ME’ cards are modern, preschool focused, on point and easy for educators, carers and parents to discuss with their children.

The cards are plastic coated, can be cleaned and come in a sturdy storage box.

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