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Indigenous Symbol Cards


A beautiful set of 20 Aboriginal symbols cards. The easy way to increase cultural insight of children by teaching them some commonly recognised Aboriginal symbols.

A6 size, printed on high quality 350gsm artboard, gloss laminate. Each pack is presented in a cardboard box which is sealed in plastic.

Aboriginal symbols are well known as an integral part of Aboriginal cultural life, history and in particular, art. Today, a variety of Aboriginal symbols are well used by contemporary Aboriginal artists.

Symbols play an important role in cultural transmission of information and are a special way in which Aboriginal stories are told and shared. Their use and meanings vary across the country and between Aboriginal groups. It is important to remember that context is significant; the meanings of Aboriginal symbols are not fixed and can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

Broadly speaking, Aboriginal symbols can be used to express stories around hunting and tracking, animals, connection to country, and people and community.

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